Joseph Zbukvic \ I would be alive and my own Will, – dawned Dawn in the eyes of the future Vesens …


I would be alive and my own Will, –
Dawn in the eyes of the future Veins
And would have been the one – who the ray of hope threw
To the feet of the Soul – What is cold among the shadows

Whenever I’m a magical crystal
Forged all the darkness on the future of the Ages
And he did so that the blood did not thicken
From the death of insatiable oceans …

And I would become, – Winds of prophetic years ..
What sails rule, – Waiting …
I would breathe, – All Jehovah’s desires …
And exhaled Love – this Light …

Karen Samounjian



Vladimir Kush AstronomerVladimir Kush Astronomer


Clarisse Rebotier \ The metro in Paris has turned into a zoo!

I do not want to be serious, sublime and cognitive.
Summer, after all, and even a weekend in the bargain!
In my opinion, the hilarious surrealism of French photographer Clarissa Rebotier called “Animétro” will be very useful.
Perhaps the animals were in a hurry on the birthday of Paris, so flooded the metropolitan subway.
And some have probably already celebrated – look at the face of the lion. )))
Look, smile, and I flew to the sea.
Hooray holidays! ))

“Comrades, is there a place for me?”


Find out by tail. ))


Well and where to me a network? On this seat, I definitely do not have enough space!

They say that somewhere you can go for a drive.
We want to taste the lives of man.

Class cars you have – spacious. We even fit together!

You are taken, and you know yourself rest!
Here are these people in the cities settled!

And they forgot us!

Again, the last train left her,
But she was caught by the nimble monkey.


Do not go there, you’ll get a brick from your head, you’ll be completely bad.

A trip on pain of death!
– Ride faster, otherwise the beak in the thread! ))


And here is the announced lion.
I could not determine whether he was shy or tired, but in my opinion, he does not really want someone to notice him. ))
Or maybe he did something somewhere?


Try to find a black cat in a dark room.
To be honest, whether my computer already completely gobbled up my eyes, or I do not know how to concentrate, but at first I did not understand what this photo was about, and only then I could see the outlines and the smile. ))


Clarisse Rebotier is a French photographer, author of animated films, an artist.
Despite the fact that Clarissa is a versatile photographer, all her work can be combined under one idea – the body in space.
Her photos take the viewer into themselves.
Thanks to the interesting idea, artistic production and use of light, this surreal world makes us believe in its existence.
Clarissa Rebotier knows how to make us admire the playful approach of the author, smile and wonder at this world.
And the presence of perishable products in her works serves as proof of the fleetingness of being.
Because “… life is a transition from one space to another, trying not to crash as much as possible.” (Georges Perek)

Clarissa has many different exhibitions and there is a permanent exhibition in the Paris gallery “Galerie Trait d’Union”.
The site also has an erotic series of photos with animals. I was not attracted, but if someone is interested, you can look. )) – site Clarisse Rebotier

Well, if someone is now in Paris, it is these days that Clarissa Rebotier returns to the Buddha Bar (8th district, Bouassie d’Angla Street).
There you will be met by a huge Buddha.
But this is not about animals, it’s about Paris. ))

Jack Vettriano art for sale

Michal Orlowski: old city and water color landscape


Everyone who saw medieval houses live knows the elusive vibration of the atmosphere that exists around these ancient walls. In the world there was an artist who turned out to be able to convey this amazing movement of air. This is Mikhail Orlovsky, he was born and raised in Poland, and it is the native urban landscapes that are due to the sources of his talent.

His work is inspirational and airy. The author’s only topic is urban neighborhoods, living, that is, with a characteristic street entourage in the form of a stream of cars, random passers-by, tables of street cafes and peeping roofs of houses. From his work comes a very positive and bright energy, which is filled with everything that has long been on our land.



Michael Orlowski (Michal Orlowski) does not use any other technique except watercolor. His love with this material is so old and mutual that today he feels the need to share it with other masters and is one of the founders of the Association of Polish Watercolorists.

Landscapes of Krakow and Poznan in his paintings were just the beginning of a long journey. Today Orlovsky participates in international exhibitions in the open air of Paris, Prague, Rome and Vienna, and draws the same cities. He was seen in the open air in Vilnius, Sicily and Venice. And not once – many times over many years, at different times of the year. He is looking for fleeting emotions woven from the air and the smiles of the old city, finds them, embodies them in watercolor and makes them accessible to us – ordinary spectators.

by Michael Cheval art for sale



about paintings

No special feeling

Want to draw on their own pondering pondering, learn to Dangbu, brush at the end of material, try all kinds of oil.

When they learn to spread the cloth, is a soldier’s buddies gave me a demonstration, saying that they are in the army every day Teng bed sheets, made by the chisel, the results of six months after the discovery of the original Tramp cloth from the middle began to stretch.

Learned a variety of online materials at the end of the way, but also tried several kinds of animal glue, what to do oil foundation, dry foundation, naively in proportion to adjust.

The oil is more complicated, but also that the oil painting is the first layer of turpentine painting and then use linen oil painting. China can buy the oil have tried.

Tossing a lot, one after another to accept some of the oil painting from the friends of the technical and material guidance, found that even if the domestic Daming Academy of oil out of the students do not have to pay attention to complex material, we draw Was easy, more performance like, buy their own cloth to do the end of the material are not much oil.

Now the painting is basically easy, because the good picture in France is more expensive, slightly better quality of the finished product box, 100 * 100cm, 60-80 Europe, not too bad oil paint 10 Europe a tube, the oil will not toss , With a direct painting of the blending oil, 75ml7 Europe or so, up to a little bit of turpentine. Because the finished box is very expensive, so the general buy bare box (or buy their own wood in the school studio to do, of course, worrying quality), buy finished cloth (100-200 Europe 10 meters, width 1.6-1.8 meters), or simply buy fabric , Brush gesso, then brush some water against latex.

The demand for materials or according to your skills, painting classical, single-bile more complex class, and my practice, but basically to meet the school to save time in school practice (in France, the material costly), in the country these in fact Not worth a lot of money.

Painting a small painting to save more, but a good finished box, a 22 * ??27cm (3F) of the small box can be sold for more than ten European, is drunk.
Alfred Sisley A Path in Louveciennes Oil Painting Reproduction

Stopped for a while did not draw, and this series are 22 * ??27, the first cloth pattern particles much larger, but also seems to not come out … …
Speaking in the end what feeling, that is, painting oil painting, especially with a little material, ah, very expensive.

William Hogarth 1697-1764

This is a very open world, high-conflict too, which Hogarth (Fig. 1) breathed air and chronicled the ups and downs, aspirations “enlightened” and through the darker, like no other artist of his time . Hogarth is unique, and pressed his era. The first London eighteenth century is both the seat of a modern political power monarchical but recently deprived of the divine unction and sovereign authority, a business center where the barons are not from the gentry a social volcano with its unhealthy and dangerous neighborhoods, a place where all forms of entertainment and enjoyment is subject to the laws of competition and the demand of the majority. We are very far, obviously, of the French situation and its cultural system, controlled otherwise dominated by academic and royal authorities. This world, which sees contemporary manners penetrate literature, stage and all the kingdom of the image is that of the beggars Opera by John Gay and equivocal novels of Richardson, Hogarth refers directly debut Gothic literature and poetry extreme, theoretical essays that is known about the sublime horror of Handel oratorios, where the vernacular Italian replaces the dilettanti, and Shakespeare revival whose actor Garrick (Fig. 2), a friend of the painter, was the spearhead. With the same rapidity as the bourgeois spectacle and popular entertainment, painting and engraving are adapting to this new public space.

JPEG – 88.9 ko 2. William Hogarth (1694-1767) David Garrick and his wife Oil on canvas – 160.1 x 132.1 cm London, M.S. Collection Queen Elizabeth II © The Royal Collection 200 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

As soon as he leaves the large painting, where he struggles in vain with the Venetians that the aristocracy …

Olle Eksell était un Maître Doodler

13-1 13-2 13-3

Je pense que si vous savez quelque chose sur le légendaire suédois concepteur Mid-Century Olle Eksell, il est probablement en ce qui concerne la conception de son ‘Ogon CACAO’ (l’affiche avec ces savoureux yeux regardant) mais je devine beaucoup de gens ne savent pas que Eksell était un doodler brillant!

Je suis un fan du travail de Eksell pendant un certain temps, mais je suis récemment tombé sur cette page de griffonnage de personnages et je fus surpris de) comment ridiculement fantastique ils étaient et b) la similitude mes personnages NOD leur ressemblent! Une super trouvaille et je ne peux pas arrêter de revenir à cette page. Mon préféré est sans aucun doute la petite boule de pâte dans la colonne centrale de la rangée du bas. Je le nommant Buff Bagginswell. Lequel est votre préféré?

George Rodrigue Paintings

Abraham A. Manievich

Abraham A. Manievich (Abram Manevich) (1881 Mstsislaw, Russia – 1942 Bronx) was an American artist
Abraham A. Manievich was an American artist.
Born: 1881, Russian Empire
Died: 1942, The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States

Alexander Square, Kiev

“Alexander Square, Kiev”

A Street in the Bronx

“A Street in the Bronx”

Paris Street

“Paris Street”

Still Life with Glass - Abraham Manievich

“Still Life with Glass – Abraham Manievich”

Winter Landscape: Outskirts of Kyiv - Abraham Manievich

“Winter Landscape: Outskirts of Kyiv – Abraham Manievich”

Landscape with Animals - Abraham Manievich

“Landscape with Animals – Abraham Manievich”

Late Summer Afternoon (The Bronx)

“Late Summer Afternoon (The Bronx)”

Spring in Kyiv`s Kurenivka District - Abraham Manievich

“Spring in Kyiv`s Kurenivka District – Abraham Manievich”

Still Life with Fruits - Abraham Manievich

“Still Life with Fruits – Abraham Manievich”

Street Scene with Hot Dog Stand - Abraham Manievich

“Street Scene with Hot Dog Stand – Abraham Manievich”

Winter Landscape with a Church - Abraham Manievich

“Winter Landscape with a Church – Abraham Manievich”

Untitled - Abraham Manievich

“Untitled – Abraham Manievich”

White House with Trees

“White House with Trees”

Autumn in the Park - Abraham Manievich

“Autumn in the Park – Abraham Manievich”

Street in a Provincial Town - Abraham Manievich

“Street in a Provincial Town – Abraham Manievich”

Troika in the Snow - Abraham Manievich

“Troika in the Snow – Abraham Manievich”



Flowers. Vase on a Hamper - Abraham Manievich

“Flowers. Vase on a Hamper – Abraham Manievich”

Still Life - Abraham Manievich

“Still Life – Abraham Manievich”

Town Scene with Bus Stop - Abraham Manievich

“Town Scene with Bus Stop – Abraham Manievich”

Untitled - Abraham Manievich

“Untitled – Abraham Manievich”

Beyond the Trees

“Beyond the Trees”

Birch Trees - Abraham Manievich

“Birch Trees – Abraham Manievich”

Bronx River Park - Abraham Manievich

“Bronx River Park – Abraham Manievich”

Flowers - Abraham Manievich

“Flowers – Abraham Manievich”

Flowers on a Yellow Table - Abraham Manievich

“Flowers on a Yellow Table – Abraham Manievich”

Portrait of the Artist`s Wife - Abraham Manievich

“Portrait of the Artist`s Wife – Abraham Manievich”

Quiet Autumn Day

“Quiet Autumn Day”

The Yellow House - Abraham Manievich

“The Yellow House – Abraham Manievich”

Barn with Figures

“Barn with Figures”

Country Landscape - Abraham Manievich

“Country Landscape – Abraham Manievich”

Destruction of the Ghetto, Kiev - Abraham Manievich

“Destruction of the Ghetto, Kiev – Abraham Manievich”

The Spring Sun - Abraham Manievich

“The Spring Sun – Abraham Manievich”

House Workers in the Bronx

“House Workers in the Bronx”

Lyrical Landscape - Abraham Manievich

“Lyrical Landscape – Abraham Manievich”

Untitled - Abraham Manievich

“Untitled – Abraham Manievich”

Village Landscape - Abraham Manievich

“Village Landscape – Abraham Manievich”

Vinnytsia, Yerusalymka District - Abraham Manievich

“Vinnytsia, Yerusalymka District – Abraham Manievich”

Artist's Wife - Abraham Manievich

“Artist’s Wife – Abraham Manievich”

Landscape - Abraham Manievich

“Landscape – Abraham Manievich”

Autumn Day - Abraham Manievich

“Autumn Day – Abraham Manievich”

Fall Scene - Abraham Manievich

“Fall Scene – Abraham Manievich”

Moscow III

“Moscow III”

Snow-covered Street

“Snow-covered Street”

unfinished painting - Abraham Manievich

“unfinished painting – Abraham Manievich”

Camden - Abraham Manievich

“Camden – Abraham Manievich”

Cloudy Day, Bridgeport, Connecticut - Abraham Manievich

“Cloudy Day, Bridgeport, Connecticut – Abraham Manievich”

Rural Landscape - Abraham Manievich

“Rural Landscape – Abraham Manievich”

Still Life with Green Vase and Flowers - Abraham Manievich

“Still Life with Green Vase and Flowers – Abraham Manievich”

Town Street - Abraham Manievich

“Town Street – Abraham Manievich”

Winter Scene with Church - Abraham Manievich

“Winter Scene with Church – Abraham Manievich”

Winter Village Scene - Abraham Manievich

“Winter Village Scene – Abraham Manievich”

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